About the Artist

Born and raised in Vermont, Song has always been inspired by the colors of her natural environment. From the stark white snow against the black woods during Winter, to the vibrant reds and yellows during Fall, Vermont has brought some of the most captivating images to Song's visual memories.   

Although art classes were a favorite in high school, Song only managed to take one art class during her college years at the University of Vermont.  She considers herself to be self-taught. However, she continued with her Master's in Public Health from The George Washington University where she developed a taste for creating murals and using art as a tool to engage communities, small and large.  


Aside from creating art, Song continues to be passionate working with under-resourced communities. When she isn't working at the state Department of Health, she is volunteering with low-crime offenders through Restorative Justice Panels or using art to connect with homeless youth in Burlington, VT.  Song recognizes the importance of linking people and communities with available resources as a means of promoting greater qualities of life, a catalyst for change her art strives to influence.